Become an actor of your health with our professionals

For a global approach to your health and well-being. Our teams of therapists and sports trainers work together to support you on a daily basis towards achieving your goals.

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Nutrition Coaching

Food Rebalancing

Cupping / Lymphatic Drainage

Sports Massage

Well-being Massage

3D Body Scan

A global, precise & benevolent approach

La Salle’s team of therapists offers you various tools to help you achieve your goal and take control of your health.

Thanks to an accurate and visual body analysis with Styku (3D scan) get a clear and objective view of your current state of health. Identify your goals. Trust Sophie – diet coach – to take control of your diet, progress towards healthy and gourmet habits at the same time, and above all adapted to your lifestyle and your desires! Finally, take advantage of our nearby massage therapy, cupping (cupping therapy) and lymphatic grainage (Renata França method) practice to optimize your recovery, reduce tension, detoxify your body or even treat your discomfort.

Our support tools

Styku 3D

Follow your transformation with an accurate & visual body analysis

Diet Coach

Sophie Wallet, Dietician

Massages, Suction Cup & Drainage

Lucile – Wellness Cup
Unbend- Recover – Treat

Examples of prices

Suivi diététique
29 € / mois
1 <strong> bilan perso</strong>
Programme<strong> alimentaire</strong>
Des recettes <strong>savoureuses </strong>
<strong> Suivi </strong>toutes </br> les 6 semaines

Other activities

Group Training

Personal Training

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